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Media Appearances

Hash It Out Podcast – Ep. 009 Demystifying CBD

CBD is everywhere. And visibility is only growing. We are hearing about it on the radio, the news, and all over social media. We are seeing it in grocery stores, vitamin shops, health food stores, and dispensaries. But, what is this so-called miracle product? In defined, scientific terms, what is CBD and what are the effects we can reasonably expect? With CBD widely available in brick and mortar stores as well as online, hell even Amazon, how do we choose what products are safe and right for us? What should we be aware of? Is it safe? Is it legal? What is the best way to take it?

Periodic Effects Podcast – Ep. 105 Why is education crucial?

There are more Cannabis Brands than ever, making the job of Brand Rep increasingly difficult. Budtenders must not only stay informed on new brands, but also on a constantly evolving knowledge base of Cannabis Science. Learn how Brand Reps can break through the noise getting into new dispensaries and how Budtenders can stay well informed while providing the best customer experience possible.