Symbiosis Cannabis Education was founded with the goal of empowering consumers and setting standards in the quickly evolving cannabis industry. All facets of the cannabis industry effect one another. SCE aims to curate positive connections between the different channels of legal cannabis through accessible information so that all aspects con enjoy symbiotic connection with one another. Transparency of information ensures that the consumers can vote with their dollar, and support the companies and brands that employ the practices with which the person most aligns. SCE offers courses designed for curious cannabis consumers, as well as, those seeking to begin or affirm their careers in the cannabis industry. Our mission is battle stigma and elevate the legalized cannabis industry by creating accessible cannabis information for professionals and consumers.

The Founder

Brigid Gavin is the Founder of Symbiosis Cannabis Education based in Eugene, Oregon. Brigid began her foray into the world of Cannabis during the medical era while working as a farm hand on her family’s cannabis farm, Bloom Hill Botanicals. Bloom Hill is an outdoor facility that employs regenerative and biodynamic practices to carefully curated genetics from top breeders in the state. In the Spring of 2015, with the intention of diversifying her experience and knowledge of Cannabis, Gavin began her 4-year journey in the Retail Cannabis sector working at multiple organizations in diverse roles such as budtending, purchasing, and managing. During this time, she had continuous exposure to the full gamut of cannabis products, their production methods, uses, and misuses. Having direct contact with the many companies who populate the Cannabis space, she had hands-on, front line experience that equipped her with an education not easily rivaled. In early 2019, armed with a unique expertise, Brigid decided to funnel her knowledge into creating curriculum for current and aspiring cannabis professionals as well as passionate, knowledge-hungry consumers. Brigid is dedicated to people being able to take health into their own hands and hopes to contribute to this ability by spreading clarity about the safe use of Cannabis.