The relationships between dispensaries and their supply companies hinge on a number of factors. A major one of these being the interactions between brand ambassadors/sales representatives and dispensary staff like managers and budtenders. This course is designed to arm the individual with the tools they need to cultivate lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between the brands they represent and the companies they service. Brand Ambassador Excellence covers one’s view of the cannabis plant, how to bring the most to your workplace, and how elevating our standards within the industry elevates the standards in areas outside it as well.

When you purchase the course, Symbiosis will email you a password to enter the classroom, view the videos, and take the quizzes. Once you have completed all three modules, you will receive a letter of recommendation detailing the course topics studied and emphasizing the breadth of your cannabis knowledge.

  • Module 1: Expanding Your Understanding of Cannabis
  • Module 2: Bringing the Most to Your Workplace
  • Module 3: Elevating Standards Everywhere