Symbiosis offers a multitude of courses designed to enrich the cannabis community from all angles. Drawing from SCE Founder Bridget Gavin’s extensive experience in the cannabis production and retail space as a budtender, manager, and purchaser, these courses are designed to benefit every aspect of the legal cannabis industry through transparent, accessible education.

Online enrollment is structured for singular individuals. If you are a manager or a company owner and you’re interested in getting training for your staff, please contact Symbiosis for discount plans and/or in-person presentations.

This course is geared toward individuals attempting to enter or just entering the cannabis industry
The focus of this course is supporting individuals in furthering their existing cannabis careers.
For individuals looking to amass the most knowledge, this portal gives you access to both budtending courses at a reduced fee.
Maintaining relationships between stores and suppliers can be very challenging. This course is designed to optimize your toolkit and set you apart in the field.
CBD is a fast growing market. This video is designed to empower consumer purchasing decisions and budtenders sales recommendations by dispelling common misconceptions.